roseVeRte is welcoming anyone who'd like to translate the game to their local language with the condition as below:
1. Payment is 30% of your language version's net sales (after get cut by comission or tax). For Steam, you will get 30% of the developer share (after being cut by Steam comission) of the country sales to which language you're translating. So for example if you're translating the game to language A, you will be paid 30% of the net sales(usually 70% from the actual sales) from country A or A version of the game. I will transfer you the payment through Paypal.
You won't get any percentage from the bundle sales, because in bundle sales I can't check where the purchasers are coming from.
2. Depends on the engine, the text which is given to you to translate might be mixed with some programming words. Though, I can help you to tell which part needs to get translated.
3. You also need to test the game after the translation done. Sometime there are some sentences that might not be appropriated to show in some scenes and people won't notice it without playing. Also, there might be some words that forget to get translated, also the translation didn't show fully because of the limited space on the screen.
4. Before translating the full version, you will be tested by translating the demo of the game, to find out your dedication to the project. 
5. You must provide email or chat ID, which can be reached easily.
6. You will also need to translate any additional information, such as store description or achievements for free.
7. Don't say that this payment is not fair because honestly, I don't have enough money to pay translation per word ^^;;;;;;;
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roseVeRte is a indies game development circle which specialize in visual novel-style otome. Although rather than common otome game, roseVeRte aims to make something different and unique.
Most of the games are closer to "shoujo manga style story" rather than focusing to romance a particular character. If story is what you're looking for, our games might be just for you.

The circle started as a team of 2-3 persons, but later because the activities of the members, it changed into a personal circle, which is run by a tako (octopus) called Cumi (Chu-3).

2012 June 6th
*Updated on 2018 January 19th

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