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A download link will be sent to your email address shortly after you finished the payment through BMT Micro. Please contact support@roseverte.net if you don't get the email. This game is using 1 time activation DRM and you can play without the internet connection after the activation.
This game is the complete edition, which contains East Tower - Akio, Takashi, Kuon and Kurenai.
If you want to buy per route, please go to "About" page and buy using the Steam link.
You can play this game without using the internet connection after activating the game once. For previous (online) version purchasers, you can still play the game online, but if you want to use this offline version, please contact support@roseverte.net to enable the activation system.
*This game is using email verification and install limit DRM.
You can install the same game 10 times on the same computer.
One email address can be used to activate the game on a maximum of 3 computers.
Please read here for the details.

East Tower - Complete Edition