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Hi there.

It’s been quite a long time. Sorry, lately I’m too much occupied with my development work and failed to update my blog frequently. For people who are following my tumblr, I bet you got my updates more frequently there, though maybe there are too many discount posts of my games.

Anyway, some of you might have noticed that I’m developing a game called How to Fool a Liar King now. The posts below might be a copy paste from my tumblr, so it might be not really important for people who have already checked on it 🙂

First : About the Cast

Heroine will be voiced by Megurika Kawanishi while Juli, like always will be voiced by Kon.
Lilia/Leea might make a short appearance at one of the endings. Both of them and the new character, Lio will be voiced by Eruru Takeda.
Mars and Ronan will also appear in the game, together with the luccretia princess, Myana.
You can see the rest of the cast from the post below:

Second : Copy Paste from tumblr

So I just announced the new VA who will join the line!

Gao, Lilia’s Father will be voiced by Naoto Takeda. You might’ve heard him from Pirate Mermaids. He also appeared in Ryuu ga Gotoku, Taiko no Tatsujin and others.

Simon will be voiced by Zex Flaga. He barely started being a net seiyuu (he did took seiyuu class and other before, but his career as VA maybe kind of shallow compared to other cast) but his voice matched what I want from Simon, and his secret “alternate” identity.

Leona VA will be announced later because of some circumstances. She is super good I promise <3

I finished the translation for prologue and half of chapter 1. Hope to finish chapter 1 translation today.

The vocal song is a bit delayed because of recording environment issue. Yano san really works and trains a lot to sing the princess song, and no.real’s song just… charming. I wonder if I should make a short video for this. There is a slight problem regarding the recording environment, so maybe we will rent a studio to get better quality for the song. It’s really a good song and I want to finish it in a best condition ^^

The theme song, I already get the vocal name and other but the song itself hasn’t been finished. Will announce more after I got more details.

I will update the official site later once I’ve done with the translation.
Please let me focus first to the development 🙂

Third: PVs

I planned to add them to the official site, but sadly I don’t get enough time for that yet.
This is the PVs of the game from youtube, I hope you to enjoy them 🙂

I saw a lot of comments which say East Tower’s main character, Sakuya is a transgender.

She is not :/

The theme of this game is more about, how to accept your true self.

The MC, Sakuya is born in an old fashioned Asian family.
It’s a family which think that a girl should speak using “watashi”, should wear dress, should be able to cook etc.
That kind of family might be rare now, but it is not completely disappeared.
If you want more extreme examples; there is still family which says that a wife is obligated to wake up earlier before her husband to prepare the breakfast, or need to wake up earlier than her mother in law. Or father who said that a  girl need to be able to take care of the housework because she must be a housewife in a future.
I’ve heard many stories like that; and many said that she wished to be born as a man.
Sakuya, is someone like them.

So why is she dressing like a man?
It’s comfortable to her, and beside that she wants to show a rebellion towards that custom. A kind of her stupid ego.

She choose to transform into a man in East Tower, only because she is curious and wants to know how will she feel if she looks like that.
It’s a game after all, you even can be an animal or others if you want to 😀

“She is a tomboy but then she turns into a feminine after she falls in love.”
She only tried to be more honest to herself :/

[spoiler title=”Spoiler” open=”0″ style=”1″] In Akio: She stops her stupid ego and chooses to put a slight make-up, like what she wanted to.
In Takashi: It seems she has already been awesome to him from the beginning, and she simply decided to change her fashion to cute boyish fashion.
In Kuon: She doesn’t really change. But she also doesn’t hide what she really wants.
In Kurenai: No, I won’t tell you LOL[/spoiler]

I wrote this just to clarify some misunderstanding :/