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First, I put again the vote I asked you below:

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Okay, then like what you might know, I released dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ yesterday. I know that the story is kinda unique, and maybe not all of the players would like it. It’s pretty dark and serious. That’s why I want to make my next couple games more fun and bright. Yep, it would be adventure with comical touch. I want my player to laugh too beside cry or sad 🙂

Currently, I have 3 ideas on my head. 1 for smartphones (otome), 1 other otome (dunno for PC or smartphone), and 1 Cafe 0 continuation.

I was planned to add in-app-payment system for the smartphone one, but honestly, I still dunno how to do it. And of course, the biggest problem for smartphone is the file size. I want to make my game fully voiced, which, I’m sure it would take spaces.

Well I guess I’ll use around a month to make a plan of a new smartphone game first a trial. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make games for PC anymore, but maybe I’ll take more time for my next game. What kind of game is it? Well… I just hope you’ll like it 😀