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Okay, I guess a lot of people will be wondering why this site is so full of trouble lately. Seriously, I don’t know. I just tried to delete unused sql database, since I saw a lot of error because of it. (Yeah I’ve been testing so many wordpress and it’s kinda messed up the whole sql) But then I donno why… my blog’s posts also deleted accidentally T^T ugh…. seriously I don’t know why… I just deleted the blog that was directed to wrong url, but then why the one with the correct url also deleted as well??? T^T  Well anyway I made a new blog now…. to bad I can’t save the old posts I made.

And here is the polls I added on my last blog. Fortunately I managed to somehow saved the plugin setting. I hope you’ll help me on this market research.

Do you like to play on PC or smartphone?

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I’m learning a new engine now, which is a flash based, and seems I can use it to make android and ios app, though, seems it’s harder to code than renpy.
I’m not sure if I will use this to replace renpy yet, since the code is very complex and I need to get familiar with it first. It’s AS3 based though, so you can play in any type of computers 🙂


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