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It’s been a while since the last time I renewed my blog. I’m sorry. Too many things happened lately that beyond my prediction.

It’s a weird 2 months seriously. I never thought I will go to Japan repeatedly many times like this LMAO. Anyway, I managed to ask Toranoana in Japan to sell Cafe and dupli, also I meet some seiyuu I knew from twitter and bakufu there. It’s hella fun (★ω★) and so LOL hahahaha! I also went to butler and seiyuu cafe, but I won’t tell more about them here.

Anyway, about East Tower, it’s pretty smooth so far. I just need 1 more CG to finish the game, probably will start the test from tom. Also, Google has approved my acc fine, so I can release on Android as well. Too bad I made it on iOS  resolution (960×640) which means I need to change some image and menu to fit it on Android (800×480) so yeah… Android might need to wait until the iOS ver is done.


Hope you like it~~

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