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Hi there!

Sorry for not updating this blog for quite a long time ^^;

So okay, I want to tell you that a week ago(?) I’ve released the android version of dUpLicity~Beyond the Lies~.

Demo (Free):
Full Version (10.00USD):

I use the ren’py porting function to port this one so… if you found any crash, I’m sorry that it might be caused by the engine which I can’t fix it myself ^^;

And then… for East Tower – Kurenai. Let’s see… what kind of information I can provide.

1. This game might be the longest within the East Tower series. I’ve been thinking to split this into two, but then it seems that I can’t do it at iOS (I will need to use In App purchase but then the engine I use hasn’t supported it yet)

2. There will be more endings. Not only, love, normal, and bad (like when you make a false selection), but also 4 type of true endings… WHAT 4??? Yes. They are all true ending, but it will differ based on your choice, since your choice will determine the Main Character’s type like what I said before. Seme or Uke and Female or…

3. Male! So yes, I’m considering to make BL ending at this route! If you worry about the MC doing sth like sex surgery in reality, don’t worry it won’t be happened. The condition, situation within this route is different. *I can’t say it in detail because it would be a huge spoiler!!

4. You might know what happened after Akio, Takashi and Kuon route. Errmm…. I don’t know yet if I will make a quite long after story since it is already quite long itself (kurenai route).

Hope you like it!



  1. Kurai
    1:54 pm on August 18th, 2013


    Well, here I am, a crazy fan of your VN games. It’s a too HUGE work to do it all alone. You’re an AWESOME person, you should know it and be proud of it 🙂

    Unfortunately, I only play for free… I’m really sorry! It’s because a have a lot of problems that I can’t buy full versions. T_T

    If only I can help you, if only I was able to help you, if only I have a chance to help you, if only I have the possibility to help you…

    I’m going to cry! My favourite game is East Tower. All this work, alone! I repeat it : you are FANTASTIC.

    And… If only I can help you TT-TT!

    Best regards,

  2. Chu-3
    6:52 am on August 19th, 2013

    Thank you. ^^;
    I know some people might get problem in purchasing my product. Either that she/he doesn’t have credit card or being too young and forbidden by parents to buy game.
    I’m glad that you like East Tower. But then if you’re not able to buy, it means you can only play the demo. Too bad. I really hope you can play it sometime in future. I really put much effort for the East Tower, and I really hope people to enjoy it.
    Unfortunately, I think I’m fine now as there is no much thing I can ask to help. (beside programming thing which is required special skill)
    If I need a help, usually I’ll post on roseverte’s facebook or twitter, so if you’re interested please follow me on them.

    Thank you!

  3. TsukiRae
    5:01 am on September 19th, 2013

    I’m a big fan on your East Tower series. I keep replaying them over and over just because the story is amazing and the character interaction makes my inner fangirl squeal. I’m normally an emotionally indifferent person but this series (Takashi and Kuon specially with the comedy trauma shots) never fails to make me grin to the point of pain from the muscles’ lack of use. I can understand how difficult creating these (programming wise) can be since I’m in college for this very type of thing (plus animation/artistry/video editing)so paying your price doesn’t make me bat an eye. You’ve created something amazing and deserve compensation for it. Can’t wait for Kurenai’s story! Can I make a fan trailer of this series and post it on Youtube? If not, I understand. I merely wish to ask permission before even considering it first.

  4. Chu-3
    9:50 am on September 19th, 2013

    Thank you! I don’t mind as long it doesn’t show the whole game (Like make it ended at the middle etc) since I saw many people stop buying because they can see it all on youtube. And I’m really glad that you like it 😀 I hope I can satisfy you with the Kurenai route as well. I’m pretty worried actually since this route will have a bit different game play system.

    Really, thanks a lot for everything!