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It’s been a while since the last time I renewed my blog. I’m sorry. Too many things happened lately that beyond my prediction.

It’s a weird 2 months seriously. I never thought I will go to Japan repeatedly many times like this LMAO. Anyway, I managed to ask Toranoana in Japan to sell Cafe and dupli, also I meet some seiyuu I knew from twitter and bakufu there. It’s hella fun (★ω★) and so LOL hahahaha! I also went to butler and seiyuu cafe, but I won’t tell more about them here.

Anyway, about East Tower, it’s pretty smooth so far. I just need 1 more CG to finish the game, probably will start the test from tom. Also, Google has approved my acc fine, so I can release on Android as well. Too bad I made it on iOS  resolution (960×640) which means I need to change some image and menu to fit it on Android (800×480) so yeah… Android might need to wait until the iOS ver is done.


Hope you like it~~

Yes. I still got problem with google checkout merchant acc which made me can’t sell the game for android.

So, I decided to release the game for iOS first. I already tested it with my iphone and worked fine.

Also, I wanted to tell that, I already asked some seiyuus to voice it. As far I already asked 3 seiyuus, and 1 hasn’t replied yet. I’ll use 7-8 seiyuus this time, which means double the number I used for cafe 0. I will ask them to record it all, but if the game file is getting too big, maybe I’ll make it event voice only and keep the files, which I might use later.

Last, well, I hope you like it! Tough I might need times to finish it all. (maybe end of June for fastest, or beginning of July)

And then Comitia 100 has ended. The sales are… well not as good as what I’ve predicted, but not really bad as my first Japanese event experience. I met some people, interesting ones, which gave me more information about the doujin market in Japan.

Then, about my newest game, East Tower. I’ve finished the sprites and Japanese scenarios. I planned to make this fully voiced, and that’s why I made the scenario in Japanese first. But then, another problem occurred. The android file size. Android has 50MB file size max to its app. Of course, now you can use the obb file (extension files) now, but the problem is, my programming level is not high enough to use it SWT. So, maybe I’ll make it half-voiced, which means, only some events will be voiced. I might make the full version which is fully voiced for PC later, though, I’m still not so sure if I will do it or not. The android one, like what I said before, will be parted for each character route.

Last, for all consumers, please be patient to wait my reply. I’m sick now, and maybe I will need more time to reply the emails you’ve sent to me. Seems I’ve been in hikkikomori mode too much, which makes me don’t have enough power to travel so long like what I did last week.

Thank you for everything, and I’ll try to update the game’s information asap.




First, I put again the vote I asked you below:

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Okay, then like what you might know, I released dUpLicity ~Beyond the Lies~ yesterday. I know that the story is kinda unique, and maybe not all of the players would like it. It’s pretty dark and serious. That’s why I want to make my next couple games more fun and bright. Yep, it would be adventure with comical touch. I want my player to laugh too beside cry or sad 🙂

Currently, I have 3 ideas on my head. 1 for smartphones (otome), 1 other otome (dunno for PC or smartphone), and 1 Cafe 0 continuation.

I was planned to add in-app-payment system for the smartphone one, but honestly, I still dunno how to do it. And of course, the biggest problem for smartphone is the file size. I want to make my game fully voiced, which, I’m sure it would take spaces.

Well I guess I’ll use around a month to make a plan of a new smartphone game first a trial. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t make games for PC anymore, but maybe I’ll take more time for my next game. What kind of game is it? Well… I just hope you’ll like it 😀

Okay, I guess a lot of people will be wondering why this site is so full of trouble lately. Seriously, I don’t know. I just tried to delete unused sql database, since I saw a lot of error because of it. (Yeah I’ve been testing so many wordpress and it’s kinda messed up the whole sql) But then I donno why… my blog’s posts also deleted accidentally T^T ugh…. seriously I don’t know why… I just deleted the blog that was directed to wrong url, but then why the one with the correct url also deleted as well??? T^T  Well anyway I made a new blog now…. to bad I can’t save the old posts I made.

And here is the polls I added on my last blog. Fortunately I managed to somehow saved the plugin setting. I hope you’ll help me on this market research.

Do you like to play on PC or smartphone?

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I’m learning a new engine now, which is a flash based, and seems I can use it to make android and ios app, though, seems it’s harder to code than renpy.
I’m not sure if I will use this to replace renpy yet, since the code is very complex and I need to get familiar with it first. It’s AS3 based though, so you can play in any type of computers 🙂