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About the Game
♥ Story
Yukina Kudou is a third-year high school student with a secret.
Behind her daily sickly school girl act, she has important job to do.
One day, she receives a warning that she's doing her job terribly, 
and if there is no improvement upon her graduation, she will be fired.
She has only six months.

What is this secret position she holds? What is its true goal?
♥ The Differences

Differences between dUpLicity~Behind the Lies~ and the previous dUpLicitY~Eternal Lie~.

1. The System
  • We now use the Ren'py visual novel engine, popular in Western countries. It smoothly supports many operating systems and has a cross-platform feature.  Unfortunately, you cannot use the old game data with this new game because of that.
  • We've added a new simulation system. The player can choose what they want to do in a given day, and their stats will change based on their actions.
  • The new display resolution is now 800x600px, upgraded from the old 640x480.
  • We've added numerous quick save spots. You may now quick save up to six games.
  • To help you finish the game, we've now added a new "hint" system.

2. Illustrations and CGs
     All illustrations have been redrawn in a new style.

3. The New Character's Setting
  • Previously, the characters were in their second year of high school.  They will be in their third year now.
  • We've also tweaked and improved the character personalities.

4. New Capturable Character
     The new capturable character is now available! Please refer to the Character section for further information.

♥ Guide
There is a "hint" system available within the game to help you, yet if you want a more detailed guide, you can find it below.

Youji's route  Kouichi's route  True route  ???'s route
or if you want a more detailed guide, please check this tumblr site:
*Thank you so much for the guide, Ana!