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Q & A

♥ What is the difference between this and  dUpLicitY~Eternal Lie~ (Freeware)?    
      Please check the "About" tab for detailed information.

♥ Why is the main character's name unchangeable?
      It has a purpose in the story.

♥ Why aren't there any voices?
      The scenario in the game are fairly long, so we decided to save on production time and file size instead. 
      If there is a high demand, we may release a patch for it later. 

♥ Do you have a guide to beat the game?
      Please use the "Hint" Feature implemented in the game as your guide. 
      If you still found difficulty to enter the main's route, please use the guide at the Member Site.
      You'll need to login to view the guide.
      WARNING: The guide might contain spoiler.

♥ Why did certain games effects disappear suddenly?
      If you double click the screen, you might miss some of the game effects and only see the game screen. 
      Unfortunately, this is a default in the Ren'py engine and not fixable.

♥ Where does the save data go?
      Save data would be located at inside the game folder.
♥ I found bugs, typos and other errors.
      Please contact us at Your information is really important to us.

*More will be added later.