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The Characters
Main Character
Yukina Kudou (Name is unchangeable)

As determined by her job, Yukina pretends to be a weak, sickly school girl to keep her identity hidden. 
By day, she's a pretty, soft girl with a boyfriend named Youji who spends her days like most schoolgirls, but by night, she has a deadline looming over her head. No one knows what will happen to her if she fails to meet the requirements of her secret occupation.

Capturable Character
Youji Kataoka

Yukina's boyfriend.
He lost all of his memories due to an accident just before entering the school. 
He appears to be Yukina's sweet boyfriend, but what is he really...?

Capturable Character
Kouichi Serizawa

The school principal, and a highly acclaimed scientist. 
He hired Yukina for this secret job. 
Why? What is it? It's still a mystery. 
He's a relatively quiet gentleman, but never seems to mind ordering Yukina around.

Capturable Character

A mysterious boy whose name is unknown.
He knows all about Yukina, Youji and Kouichi, and speaks in riddles. 
He's a bit of a tease and likes ribbing Yukina. His true purpose is still unknown.

Sub Character

Yukina's best friend and roommate.