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  • You'll find a map like the picture displayed to the left.
  • On days where there aren't any automatic events, you will be able to choose what you want to do.
  • Actions change from weekday to weekend.
  • A report event will occur at the end of the month. You can confirm your current condition here.
  • You can use the STATUS button to check your stats.
  • Once you meet the stat requirements, events will pop up!
2. Main Route
  • The main route will be in a regular visual novel format; you will need to make selections to move forward.
  • There are four main routes. Youji, Kouichi, True Path Route, and a secret route.
  • There are three endings for each character route.
  • In the True Path Route, there are two potential endings.

♥ I think the simulation system is tiring!
     To capture Youji and Kouichi, you don't need to raise the main character's stats.
     You only need to go to their place repeatedly.

♥ Then, what's the point of the simulation?
  • If you finished the general route without a high love stat, the ending you will get depends on your other stats.
  • After you clear Youji and Kouichi's routes, you will get the chance to enter the 2 hidden routes, which both require high stats. 
♥ Overall, what kind of system it will be?
    1. General Route
♥ The newly added "Hint" Feature.
     Do you have trouble with visual novel games? Don't worry! Now there is a new "Hint" Feature is implemented in the game!
      When you first launch the game, you will be asked to turn this function on or off. 
      You may change this at any time in the option menu.

      If you choose to turn this new function on, a "Hint!" button will be displayed in the map screen, or when you need to 
      make a selection. Click this button for a hint that will make completing your game easier. 
      You will also get information about what stat values you need to trigger certain events. 
      By clicking this button you'll get a hint that might make you easier in completing the game. 
      Please refer to the sample screenshots below.